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Keith Clifford - Owner

Keith Clifford

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I've been fascinated with electronics technology since I was a young teenager taking apart old TVs and radios to try to understand how they worked and buying whatever books and components I could afford to build electronic projects. In university, I also discovered a passion and a knack for software development. Embedded development gives me the opportunity to feed both passions. In general, I’m always learning. It's become a joke among family and friends that I’m regularly reading something technical and just for fun and often as bedtime reading.

Understanding the technology or science is my primary reason for reading, studying, and tinkering. I learn the most when I try to apply what I’ve learned. When I was younger most of my projects were to play with this bit of technology or that bit of science. About 15 years ago I decided to start bringing together my various fields of interest into usable products. Flash Insight is just one of the results of those efforts.

My eclectic interests have also proven valuable to my clients:

As an embedded developer I’m regularly asked to squeeze as much performance as I can out of a given piece of hardware. That demands pushing as much processing into peripherals as possible and understanding all that a given peripheral is capable of.

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