Filternaut provides an easy interface to explore the behaviour and response of various filters. The resulting filters are normalized for a pass band frequency of 1 radian/second as is standard when designing analog filters. Various transforms are then applied that convert the reference design to:

  • an arbitrary low pass filter;
  • an arbitrary high pass filter;
  • an arbitrary band pass filter; or
  • an arbitrary stop band filter.
And yet other transforms can be applied to transform a given analog design into an Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) digital filter.

Evenually I plan to add the above mentioned transforms to Filternaut but for now it's limited to reference filter design.

One additional note, I don't have a filter order estimation function for either the Bessel or Optimum L filters, so both of these filter types are specified explicitly by order rather than pass band and stop band characteristics.

Enjoy exploring!

Pass BandStop Band

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