Flash Insight

Flash Insight is an in circuit programmer that supports programming over almost any interface that uses 8 I/O lines or less. The user interface is supplied by the Flash Insight application while support for a specific device family and programming interface is supplied by an installable Programmer (Dynamic Link Library or DLL). This means that the user interface is consistent for all supported devices and the programmer supplies any device specific functionality.

For devices that are programmed via the RS232 serial protocol any Windows COM port may be used given suitable signal level translation is provided. For other programming interfaces, FlashInsight uses the most suitable mode that's provided by FTDI Hi-Speed USB UART/FIFO ICs. These include the FT232H, FT2232H, and the FT4232H. Note however that the FT4232H only supplies the MPSSE engine (which is used by many FlashInsight Programmers) on two of its four interfaces.

     # FlashInsight
     # Product Version: 1.1.3
     # Released: Jan 8, 2021
     # Included Programmers:
     #   ColdFire-EzPort
     #   NXP-LPC2000-ISP
     #   Kinetis-EzPort
     # Changes/Improvements:
     1. Initial release.
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