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Flash Insight is an in circuit programmer that supports programming over almost any interface that uses 8 I/O lines or less. The user interface is supplied by the Flash Insight application while support for a specific device family and programming interface is supplied by an installable Programmer (Dynamic Link Library or DLL). This means that the user interface is consistent for all supported devices and the programmer supplies any device specific functionality.

For devices that are programmed via the RS232 serial protocol any Windows COM port may be used given suitable signal level translation is provided. For other programming interfaces, FlashInsight uses the most suitable mode that's provided by FTDI Hi-Speed USB UART/FIFO ICs. These include the FT232H, FT2232H, and the FT4232H. Note however that the FT4232H only supplies the MPSSE engine (which is used by many FlashInsight Programmers) on two of its four interfaces.

     # Product Version: 1.2.4
     # Released: Feb 27, 2024
     # Included Programmers:
     #   Kinetis-SWD
     #   Kinetis-EzPort
     #   ColdFire-EzPort
     #   NXP-LPC2000-ISP
     # Changes/Improvements:

     1. Added the Kinetis-SWD programmer.
     2. Device default selection for all programmers is done with a string instead
        of an enum. Use the LoadDevice function to set the DeviceDefault rather
        than doing it explicitly.
     3. Changed the default device for ColdFire-EzPort to MCF52233 from
     4. Fixed some issues with the user canceling a read operation when the output
        file already exists.
     5. If a port open operation fails after the port is opened but before the open
        function completes, make sure the port is closed.
     6. When verifying, continue the verification past the end of flash if the
        verification file has more data in it.
     7. When enumerating ports for a programmer that requires MPSSE support, don't
        enumerate non-MPSSE ports.
     8. Refactored code including moving FTDI specific functions into their own
        source file and creating an SWD subsystem with journaling to make handling
        sticky SWD operations easier.
     9. Update the progress bars only every 5% or so instead of continuously.
     10. Added an error class for coding errors.
     11. Reworked error handling so that lower level functions always return an
         error and the error is actually only thrown in the thread main routine.
         This only applies to Kinetis-SWD. Older programmers have not been updated.
     12. Moved programmer specific definitions for all programmers into a Local.h
         file for each programmer which can be included by generic c files such as
         FTDISupport.c and SWD.c.
     13. Added a target detection input for most programmers.
     14. Reworked the installer to be independant of Visual Studio.
     15. When a blank check fails, report the partial list of blank sectors. When
         a verify fails, report the address of the first failure along with the
         expected and actual values.
     16. ARM says that automatic address increment for SWD isn't guaranteed to
         cross a 1K boundary, so added an end alignment parameter for reading
         programming files so that the read buffer doesn't cross the end alignment
         boundary (the alignment bourndary can be any power of 2 or "no alignment
     17. Adjusted the unlicensed programming limit to 3/4 of the flash size or
         28K, whichever is smaller.
     18. Increased the number of gang programmer instances to 16 from 15 and
         adjusted the instance arrangement algorithm to handle ukp to 24 instances.
     19. Formallized sector map handling for blank check and erase operations into
         a separate file and used the new functions by all programmers.
     20. Display the product version for FlashInsight and all programmers in the
         licensing dialog.
     21. Increased the size of the license dialog box so that the entire license
         can be displayed at once.
     22. Add file name patters for all filters in the open and save file dialogs.
     23. Use a COM object for the open and save file dialogs if the required COM
         object is available. Otherwise fall back to GetOpenFileName and
Release Notes V1.2.4
     # FlashInsight
     # Product Version: 1.1.3
     # Released: Jan 8, 2021
     # Included Programmers:
     #   ColdFire-EzPort
     #   NXP-LPC2000-ISP
     #   Kinetis-EzPort
     # Changes/Improvements:
     1. Initial release.
Release Notes V1.1.3
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