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Creating a variety of affordable open source cross development tools ready to install and use.

Getting Started

These packages were built under Cygwin with MinGW as the host so that they run natively under Microsoft Windows. In other words you don’t need to run them under Cygwin though you can. To install a particular cross compiler, download the cross compiler zip file and unzip it to a suitable location. I install in c:\gcc\. To use the compiler, simply add the “<cross-compiler>\bin” directory to your path. “setup.bat” is the batch file that I use to switch between cross development environments. Also note that if you use Windows to extract from the zip file, by default, it will try to put the contents of the zip file in a directory with the same name as the root of the zip file, which may not be what you want.

Each of the cross development tool sets include gcc, g++, binutils, newlib, and gdb for the indicated target as well as gnu make.

Previously a common zip file was provided with the required MinGW dlls and gnu make. The files that were included in the common zip file are now included directly in each cross-compiler to simplify download and installation.

These tools are provided under the terms of the applicable licence, typically GPL, and they are built with only the changes necessary to get the tools to build under my build environment. For a list of the packages and versions used to build a particular tool set see the "MANIFEST" file in the respective cross-compiler root directory.


Download Size Notes
setup.bat 1303B Sample environment configuration batch file.
MinGW-arm-eabi-13.1.0.zip 130MB GCC 13.1.0 ARM cross development tools.
MinGW-m68k-elf-13.1.0.zip 330MB GCC 13.1.0 M68000 and family cross development tools.
MinGW-powerpc-eabi-13.1.0.zip 201MB GCC 13.1.0 Power PC cross development tools.
MinGW-arm-eabi-11.1.0.zip 115MB GCC 11.1.0 ARM cross development tools.
MinGW-m68k-elf-11.1.0.zip 301MB GCC 11.1.0 M68000 and family cross development tools.
MinGW-powerpc-eabi-11.1.0.zip 178MB GCC 11.1.0 Power PC cross development tools.
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