Tranaptic Solutions provides products and services including contracted firmware development services and embedded development tools.

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Flash Insight LogoFlash Insight

You’d like a programmer that supports your development and small production run needs.

Flash Insight provides a generic interface to a number of loadable programmers that support a variety of device families with support for new families being added regularly. You can download Flash Insight, purchase licenses for a device family / programmer interface, and read general or device family specific documentation. Flash Insight also has a gang programmer interface that handles in-circuit programming of multiple devices simultaneously.

Firmware DesignFirmware Design

You’re planning a new product. Will it meet the performance requirements?

The design phase of a new product is your biggest opportunity to save development costs. Every problem caught during this phase saves you time and money during later stages of development. I can provide complete firmware design services or simply review your proposed design. My electronics background also allows me to review the firmware to hardware interface.

Hardware VerificationHardware Verification

You have a new spin of electronics coming and you need to verify that it works properly.

Over the years I have written a number of hardware verification programs. My knowledge of electronics generally means that I can isolate most problems without taking up any of your hardware engineer’s valuable time other than to ensure that board documentation is updated. Quite often these verification programs can be extended to be used as the basis for the firmware for manufacture and test.

Team EnhancementTeam Enhancement

You are in the later stages of product development and it’s becoming clear you’re not going to make your release date or you have a project that you really want to see happen but your in house resources are already stretched to the limit.

Adding developers late during project development can further delay development by distracting members of your team with the need to educate new members. My extensive background on numerous development projects means that I can seamlessly integrate with your team while requiring a minimum of training and quickly become productive.

Improved CodingCode Improvement/Maintenance

You want to add features to or improve the performance of an existing product or maybe a component has reached end of life and you need to accommodate a replacement component.

Having worked on a number of teams or taken over maintenance of established products I have had to rapidly gain an understanding of other peoples coding styles. I’ve also worked for companies with no coding standard. I’ve also worked for companies with a fairly rigorous coding standard. In short, I can readily adapt to the requirements of the situation. And if you need improved performance or reduced code size that you’re sure can only be had through the use of assembler I can help there too. I’ve written at least some assembler on all of the processors I’ve developed for.

Bug FixingBug Fixing

You have a particularly tenacious bug and progress on finding and fixing it has stalled.

With close to thirty years of experience there are few bugs that I can’t shed some light on or at least recommend a plan of attack. I would work closely with your team taking advantage of their detailed knowledge of the product and problem to recommend one or more paths to a resolution of the issue.

Open-Source Cross Development Tools Open-Source Cross Development Tools

You have a great idea for a new product and you need the tools to build it but you have a limited budget.

Commercially available development seats can cost upwards of $5000. Even for an established company that's expensive but for a start-up it can be crippling. Take a look at GCC Downloads for a variety of open source cross development tools ready to install and use. If you don’t see what you need, please contact me so we can discuss your needs and determine if I can help.

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